New and hot on the horizon is a jazzy explosion of brotherly love personified by the collaboration of keyboard maestro Stafford Floyd and guitar master Jonathan Floyd.  As a group they are “J. S. Floyd,” a new and distinguished duo destined to change the face and the taste of smooth jazz.


After leaving his home base of New York, Stafford Floyd honed his diverse musical gifts on the LA scene with world class Motown composers Holland, Dozier, Holland.  Mr. Floyd then received a Billboard Music Award for his work with The Supremes.  He has toured with Anita Baker, Jon B., Earth Wind and Fire, Madonna, The O’Jays, Levert and many more.  

The newest vibration of the Floyd musical experience is the production company Staffoly Music where on any given day a hybrid of musicians may gather to have their musings transcend from good to great, all at the hand of Stafford Floyd

What is exciting and new is that now Jonathan has returned to Tinsel Town to team up with his big brother Stafford to make their own history by mixing keyboards and guitar in a way that fans haven’t heard since the last George Duke-Stanley Clark collaboration. Putting all comparisons aside, the proof is in the music itself, when you hear it, you will feel it and you will move in a 2 jazzy, new jazzy and smooth jazzy kind of way.     


With the first strum Jonathan Floyd’s licks will grab you with a familiar lilt and an unknown seduction that makes it clear why the lead guitar is in fact the leader of the jazzy string family.   But this jazzman knows funk and he has certainly flirted with R&B.  Jonathan Floyd’s guitar is prominent on the remix of Al B. Sure’s hit “Right Now.”  This Cum Laude graduate of The University of Albuquerque is an original member of New York’s Black Rock Coalition. Jon has toured with Michael Hampton and he’s been an executive at VAP Records, Malibu Records and Jon Ray Music Publishing company.  Jon Floyd’s business savvy and eclectic musicianship culminated when he became Musical Director for the group Forecast, whose project blended jazz, blues, rock, funk, gospel and R&B and it even prominently features Jonathan Floyd’s classic guitar stylings. 



The gentleman have arrived: J. S. Floyd… as in “Jam Session” or “Just plain Stupid” as in the good kind of stupid that only jazzy folks understand.     

J. S. Floyd